The future of responsive web design

Response website design is an indispensable element for building a website that is compatible with mobile devices. When the number of users and have the habit of shopping, finding information about products and services on mobile devices is increasing, Response website design will definitely develop in the future and be a must factor. required for a website.

What is Responsive Web Design?

It is a new trend whereby web design and development process will respond to any user's device and environment according to device screen size and dimension criteria. When users switch from their laptop to iPad or iPhone, the web page automatically converts to fit the screen size and processing scenario.

Why is Responsive Web Design so important in web design?

1. Meet actual needs

With the explosion of mobile devices, smartphone users are increasing at breakneck speed. According to We are Social data on Internet users, more than 50% use mobile devices to access the Internet. In Vietnam alone, this number is more than 30% and this number is increasing sharply every year.

2. Google prioritizes and supports SEO

Google Search prioritizes displaying responsive web pages. Google always aims to increase the best user experience, every search result will have more readable text content. The displayed results will show how friendly the website is. If the website is not mobile-friendly, the page rank can drop significantly. Once your website has responsive, mobile-friendly support, your website's ranking will have a good ranking in the search results.

3. Save time

Responsive web helps save time for web designers, instead of having to design a different version of the interface for each mobile device, just design a single version that can be displayed on many devices.

4. Competitive advantage

This is an inevitable trend that every web design company must aim for in the future. Mobile optimized web design not all units can perform well. Therefore, set yourself apart from your competitors.

5. Reduce design costs

The most prominent advantage of responsive web design is to reduce costs, instead of having to design many different templates such as tablets, ipads, phones, etc., responsive was born, helping designers to create only one session version can be displayed on any device with different resolutions.

Responsive web design is definitely growing in the future, you need to be ahead of the trend to be able to improve your competitiveness in the market as well as provide the best user experience on your website.

Why is web design trending in business today?

Web design is the most prominent business trend in the economy. Let's find out why web design is trending in business today!

The article will help you understand why web design has become a trend and introduce VietSEO professional website design services along with service highlights and detailed contact information.
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Why is web design trending in business?

Even when you sleep, the website is still active to reach customers. This is something that may be difficult for in-store operations to do. With your website, you just need to integrate full features such as chatbot or livechat or answer questions that customers often encounter.

Website helps you reach every potential customer who visits your website. It will be easy for you to give the best support to your customers.

1. Stimulate competition

What if your competitor has a website to conduct business and you don't? You are manually missing out on your own competitive opportunity. Besides investing in products and services, you should invest in a website for your own business.

Website not only helps to quickly reach customers but also increases the ability to compete with competitors.

Therefore, if you want to be successful and have many development opportunities in today's fierce market, website design is extremely necessary.

2. Increase customer experience

The website will be integrated with Chatbot technology to interact with visitors on the website 24/7. With the website, customers can search for information about products and services themselves without having to go to the store for advice.

Every optimized customer experience will help them be more impressed with the brand.

3. High conversion generates revenue

Once you reach a large number of potential customers, their experience is enhanced, the conversion rate also increases. When the conversion rate increases, it is a positive signal for the increase in revenue of the business.

Viet SEO - Quality website design company

VietSEO is a unit specializing in website design and providing overall marketing solutions for businesses. At VietSEO, you will never be disappointed in the quality of website design services.

The types of services that VietSEO currently provide include: website design, sales website design, e-commerce website website design, overall SEO service, ... and a variety of other services.

What are the highlights of the website design service at VietSEO?

1. Website design standard UX/UI

VietSEO understands that a website designed with UX / UI standards will help improve customer experience and increase conversion rates for businesses that own the website.

Websites at VietSEO are designed with outstanding UX/UI standards. The design team will have to discuss with the customer about ideas, colors, ... to be able to create the most standard design.

2. Highly qualified staff

VietSEO is proud to own a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff. From the customer care team will listen and receive advice for customers, accompanying customers from the first steps. The IT team will receive ideas and requests to proceed to create a website.

In addition, the Marketing team will accompany you to build a marketing strategy for the business. All staff at VietSEO are always enthusiastic and dedicated to customers.

3. Standard SEO web programming

Website created by Viet SEO will be programmed with SEO standards. Viet SEO understands that a professional web design, SEO standards will help customers easily optimize products, services, and business information to rank Google search results.

What is the difference between web design and development?

Of course, there's some overlap when you're evaluating web design and web development, so it's no wonder that many developers will have a working knowledge of both. However, these two aspects are different and investing in both is essential to deliver the best user experience. They work in tandem to create a website that is attractive, functional, and easy to understand.

Here are some of the significant differences between the two.

1. Web developers are not responsible for creating the display product.

The main difference between web design and web development is that while designers create visual content to add aesthetic value to a website (and enhance user experience), developers are responsible for adding that function. Developers translate Designer models, wireframes, and other assets into code using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Therefore, creating visual assets is the responsibility of the web designer, while using the code to make those assets visible on the website is the job of the web developers.

2. The Web Desinger is not responsible for the writing of the code.

Another difference between web design and web development is that designers usually don't write code. Of course, there are exceptions – but in general, designers are not responsible for writing code.

Consider the main responsibilities of a web designer. These include using an editor such as Photoshop to develop images, create models, and design layouts. However, coding is not involved in any of these tasks, as that is the main job of developers.

Additionally, some companies choose to work with 'code-free' website builders so designers can beautify websites and enhance user experience without writing code.

3. The cost of doing web design is less than web development

Traditionally, it has been less expensive to use web design than web development.

In general, there will also be many cases of the opposite, but usually you will pay less for web design than web development.

Why? Because web development requires higher skills such as coding. Supply and demand also affect average costs – there may be more designers than developers on the job market.
Web development looking to add functionality to the web; Web design aims to increase aesthetics.

The main difference between web design and web development depends on the role each plays in the creation of the website. While web development adds functionality to a website through code, web design seeks to enhance the user experience and interface with the goal of making the website a place that customers will want to see. Therefore, these extra parts of creating a website are equally essential.

What are the Similarities Between Web Design and Web Development?

Since web design and development aim to create the best website experience for users, they have some things in common. Going deeper into the similarities between web design and web development will help you better understand why both are important to creating a successful website.

Both have a role to play in creating a better user experience

If you want customers to keep coming back to your website, focus on user experience. Why? Because the user experience ensures that the customer has a positive association with the website and the product. If the user experience on your website is not good, customers will feel dissatisfied and decide to find another partner.

You may be wondering how both web development and design contribute to this. Simple answer. While design ensures that customers will have an easy-to-navigate experience on your website, development ensures that the website is working properly. A website that doesn't function correctly is of no value to the consumer, no matter how beautiful it is.

The two must work in sync to develop a cohesive website.

You may be wondering whether investing in both website design and development is necessary and the answer is yes. Both must work together to develop a cohesive, functional website. Without design, a website feels very tasteless.

Without development, a website will not function properly. The result of design and development working together is to create an exceptional web experience.
What should marketers know about web design and web development?

Marketers should keep a few things in mind regarding web design and development.

First, communication with developers and designers is imperative. The more specific you are about what you want, the more satisfied you will be with the results. Creating a must-have function list is one of the best ways to ensure the results will match your expectations.

Also, marketers should not forget the importance of mobile experience. By 2021, mobile will account for about half of global web traffic. By hiring a developer and designer to create a mobile-optimized website, you cover all your bases and delight your customers on all devices.

Web design and development

In short

Web design and web development are two indispensable things in the process of building a website. But they have certain differences. Below is a basic summary of their differences for you to easily imagine.
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